Saturday, February 24, 2007

the end of days

As I near the end of the project, I can hear Carol Burnett singing her closing song or Don Meredith singing turn out the light the partys over, either way, my brain is goo. Yes, it was probaly goo before I started but now it is bubbling. So much information and to give each little ditty its proper due, we should spend hours. I've learned that there is a ton information out there and a billion different ways to find it and use it. I know that once I have learned all this stuff, something else will come along and my knowledge is old, however, I am ahead of many other people so I can appear smart.

Libraries can tap into these resources and use them to spread their message, sort of like helping people find Jesus the electronic way. Keeping the information relevant and current and making sure people find the information will be on going projects for libraries. Eventually, if not done already, libraries will have movies, books and games downloadalbe or streamlined to their patrons. Each library worker should at the least have a vague idead what is going in the electronic world even if they do not use the products themselves. I will go back and checkout each of these sites with more vigor, if nothing else, new ways to access porn [I joke. I joke.]

it's the podcast people

Podcast can be useful for libraries. each department can generate their own podcast and patrons could click on and find useful information or a story. The problem would be keeping the information up to date. When searching for podcast, many were out dated and a waste of time. Yahoo did the best for current information. This seems to be a general problem the internet, dead data. I subscribed to my blogline libvibe podcast for the latest in library news.

youtube is on backwards

I chose this video from youtube because my stepfather is a santa. this past summer, the santas of the world held their convention in Branson, Missouri. On this video my stepfather is seen riding a gokart. This video has special importance since my stepfather has been diagnosed with cancer and this video is a great example of the person he is and always will be

and the winner is...

Web 2.0 awards is very useful as it breaks down the best of the best...there is virtually no way to try all the different sites which contain the information you might need. Web 2.o awards does all the work for you....I wanted to see what site was the best for showing my videos or finding videos. Everyone knows of youtube but the winner was Dailymotion. Dailymotion doesn't have quite the social aspect of Youtube but for interface interaction Dailymotion is superior. Like almost everything, the user will have to spend more time to find out what works best for them.

tickle me google

Google labs offers many and I mean many choices for your viewing/reading pleasure. I choose Google groups 2 and typed in my subject and found many of groups in a lot of subcategories. There are so many to choose from, it is hard to make a choice on which ones to join.

Google Music searched the web for music videos I was looking for. i.e. Nickleback's video "Animal" cannot be found on my normal Yahoo video site but Google Music searches other sites and finds the video on, that is very cool.

Is the doc in/

I'm not a MRRL anymore

Working on the search engine part of the project, I was happy and surprised at the available options to use as tools. Years ago, was the engine of choice and I did use it to find items I could not find elsewhere. However, it came and went [at least in popularity] without much of a bang. Today, you hear about google and I don't use it much, I prefer which also searches google and most of the other search engines. There is a difference between google and dogpile on which engines they target first and I am more comfortable with dogpile. Using the choice on this assignment, here is what I found: I used neuropsychology as my subject. Usually people spell neuro psychology instead of neuropsychology and only one of the engines noticed the incorrect spelling.

Exalead let off with sponsored results and then the normal search, even with the pix on the side, I found it not interesting enough to try.

Wink is a people or find people with similar interest is fine if that is what you want. I tried to narrow the search to a specific area but didn't find what I wanted.

Gravee never connected... so it sucked.

Clusty reminded [name] reminded me of a female I know but the engine itself, noticed my spelling error [applaud], gave me a number of other relevant choices and made me feel like I could make progress.

Mooter If I was Ed Bundy, I would sing "Mooter. Mooter. Yum, Yum. Yum. Mooter. Mooter on a search engine that's dumb." I didn't like the cluster look, so I moved on.

Kartoo at first glance was too crowded, so I moved on.

Yahoo. is an advertising whore and it never brings up what I want.

I will go back at a later date and use all of these tools with different search criteria and see what works best for certain situation.